Off-site vs. Bulk Fleet Fueling

Weigh your options to maximize fleet efficiency

fleet fueling Phoenixville, PA When you’re responsible for a commercial fleet, keeping every vehicle up and running is paramount for maximum efficiency. Not only must you stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs, you have to ensure that the entire fleet can get fueled in the most convenient, cost-effective ways. Because fueling fleet vehicles at retail gas stations is usually more expensive, it’s not recommended.

That’s why it’s smart to do a deep dive on your fleet fueling options. Your decision will depend on the size, type and usage patterns of your fleet, your business needs, types of fuel used and where your vehicles go. With a 75-year history of delivering fuel to customers across the Greater Philadelphia region, the energy experts at Oehlert Brothers stand at the ready to help you choose the best fleet fueling options for your operations.

Off-site versus bulk fuel deliveries

Off-site fueling — where you fuel your vehicles at one of our own stations — is ideal for smaller fleets of mostly on-road vehicles. Because our fueling stations are reserved just for our customers, they offer lower prices than what you would find at retail stations and provide higher-quality fuel than what you might get at discount stations.

Bulk fueling means you maintain a small fueling station on your own operational site, with us ensuring you have sufficient fuel supplies at all times. This can be the best option for companies with larger fleets and enough storage capacity.

Bulk gas and diesel delivery services will usually be the best options for saving time and money. Crew members and drivers don’t have to waste time fueling up since we take care of it for them before or after their shifts. And they avoid having to drive several miles to get fuel and deal with detours, unexpected stops, lost receipts or route planning hassles.

24/7 convenience for off-site fueling

As a participant in The Gascard Fuel Management System — a national network of more than 130 fueling sites — we make it simple for you to have 24/7 card-operated access to those sites. With a Gascard account, you get detailed fuel usage reporting and the ability to add or block drivers quickly and easily. We operate three Gascard fueling stations covering Berks County, Chester County and Montgomery County, with locations in Royersford, Spring City and Douglassville.

Safe, efficient bulk fuel delivery

We offer quick bulk fuel delivery services in full transport and tank wagon quantities to businesses throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding five-county region. Bulk deliveries include diesel (with off-road and on-road service), biodiesel, gasoline and heating oil for commercial buildings and multi-unit residential buildings.

Our highly trained professional drivers are licensed to meet all state and federal regulations, while our staff keeps you informed on your usage patterns to help you make time- and money-saving adjustments. We also offer fixed bulk pricing programs that are ideal for customers with seasonal operations.

Trust us for your fleet fueling needs

We know how much you depend on having a reliable source of quality fuel for your fleet whenever you need it. We’re committed to providing the best fueling solutions to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us today for a fleet fueling consultation or to set up a bulk delivery account.