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Whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and air cleaners from Aprilaire

Dry air and airborne pollutants can wreak havoc in your home – and on your health. Fortunately, you can combat both problems with state-of-the-art whole-house indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment from Aprilaire, expertly installed by Oehlert Brothers.

Our highly trained, certified technicians will work quickly and neatly to install your IAQ system with minimal disruption to your family and routine.

IAQ systems available from Oehlert Brothers

Whole-house humidifiers

A whole-house humidifier regulates moisture in the air of your home, reducing or eliminating many of the problems caused by too-dry air. Integrated with your home heating and cooling systems, a whole house humidifier can:

  • Reduce utility costs by producing moist, warmer-feeling air.
  • Prevent the spread of cold- and virus-causing bacteria.
  • Prevent sore throats and dried out skin and eyes.
  • Minimize electronics-damaging static electricity.
  • Prevent warping and cracking of wooden fixtures and furniture.

Aprilaire humidifier

Whole-house dehumidifiers

When it’s humid inside, most people react the same way: they turn down the thermostat. This may make the house feel cooler, but it doesn’t eliminate the humidity, and you end up using more energy without solving the problem.

Excess humidity isn’t just uncomfortable; it encourages the growth of mold and mildew.

The solution is a whole-house dehumidifier.

  • We’ll select the right size unit for your home, and then we’ll install it directly into your ductwork.
  • Your whole-house dehumidifer will operate quietly and discreetly to eliminate excess moisture throughout your house.
  • There are no buckets to empty and only minimal maintenance.
  • You’ll save money on air conditioning costs because your A/C system will not have to work as hard to eliminate excess humidity.
Whole-house air cleaners

A whole-house air cleaner filters air contaminants that can cause allergies, asthma and even more serious infections. Integrated with your home heating and cooling systems, a whole-house air cleaner can:

  • Remove mold, pet dander, pollen, viruses and other contaminants.
  • Reduce dust, cleaning your home and protecting your appliances and electronics from damage from static electricity.
  • Increase efficiency in your home heating and cooling systems by reducing vent-blocking dust, which can lead to premature breakdowns.
  • And more…
Ultra-violet (UV) air purifier

Air purifiers will reduce or eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mites, fungi, allergens and spores from the air in your home by “washing” the airflow with ultraviolet (UV) light.

  • Stops mold build-up on cooling coils.
  • Prevents airborne pollutants from circulating through your home.
  • Increases your home’s energy-efficiency.
  • Continually treats the air passing through your system.

Keep your home healthy and comfortable – call today to learn how affordable whole house humidifier or air cleaner can be!

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