We’ve been keeping our Pennsylvania neighbors warm for over 70 years

The Original “Oehlert Bros.” – Bob and Paul

Paul Oehlert
Paul Oehlert
Bob Oehlert
Bob Oehlert
Bob Oehlert made his first heating oil delivery on Christmas Eve in 1948 with his nine year old son, Jim.

Vintage Vehicles

"Special fuel delivery" truck
The “special delivery” truck used for emergency deliveries, kerosene and small bridges.
Oehlert vintage van
A 1960s vintage van with WI-8-3666 phone number. A big difference from the 10 digits we dial today!

Our New Vehicles

Two of our modern fuel delivery trucks.

Two of our modern service vans.

Our Offices

Old oehlert bros headquarters
The Farmhouse used as the Oehlert Bros. headquarters for 50 years. It was built in 1865 by relatives of the Oehlerts.
Current 1998 Oehlert office
The “new” Oehlert Bros. Office as of July 1998.