Upgrade Your Eastern Pennsylvania Home with a Tankless Water Heater

Enjoy endless hot water, on demand!

What are mornings like in your greater Pottstown home? If you have multiple people trying to use the shower, you know the frustration of having to wait while your water heater tank heats up enough water for you to get your turn.

tankless water heaters

Leave that waiting game behind with a top-quality Navien tankless water heater installed by Oehlert Bros.!

Why choose a tankless water heater?

Take a moment and think about how your conventional water heater with a tank works. It heats and reheats the same water over and over throughout the day, when no one’s around, so that it will be ready with hot water when someone needs it. That’s a whole lot of wasted energy.

You don’t get that waste when you install a tankless water heater in your home. The water is heated only when you’re using hot water, like for taking a shower or bath, running the dishwasher or doing laundry. And, with the right size tankless water heater, you may be able to do all of that at once! Try doing that with an old-school water heater with a tank!

While tankless water heaters may cost more up front, the investment pays off. According to the United States Department of Energy, a tankless water heater can be up to 34 percent more energy efficient than a conventional tank water heater. That can mean lower energy costs for you.

You also get a longer lifespan for your investment. A conventional water heater with a tank will last on average between 10 and 12 years. But a tankless water heater can last 20 years … or more!

How does a tankless water heater work?

A tankless water heater is quite a neat piece of technology. When a hot water tap in your home is opened, the tankless water heater detects it. Then the flow sensor is activated so it can be determined how much hot water the heater needs to heat. After the igniter is activated, the correct amount of fuel is supplied and ignited to heat the water. After the water is preheated in a secondary chamber, it passes into the primary heat exchanger, where it is heated to the set temperature and moved to the buffer tank and then sent to the faucet.

Why choose a Navien tankless water heater?

Navien is a leading manufacturer of top-quality tankless water heaters. The premium condensing tankless water heaters installed by Oehlert Bros. have the highest energy efficiency standards in the industry, low nitrous oxide emissions and a 15-year warranty on the heat exchanger that is the strongest in the business. You can even control your Navien tankless water heater from an app on your phone or tablet!

Get in touch with the water heating professionals at Oehlert Bros. and we’ll tell you all about tankless water heaters and how they’ll make the quality of life in your home so much better!