Air Conditioning System Repairs in Eastern Pennsylvania

Oehlert Bros. will help you keep your cool

air conditioning repair eastern pennsylvania

There’s nothing like a summer day in eastern Pennsylvania. Going bike riding along the Schuylkill River Greenway. Getting ice cream at Petrucci’s. Taking the kids for a ride at the Pottstown Carousel. Spending a day or weekend at French Creek State Park.

And those summer days are especially great when you have the option of staying in your cool and comfortable air-conditioned home when it gets too hot.

But if your home’s air conditioning system conks out, you’ll lose your escape from the sweltering heat.

That’s where Oehlert Bros. comes in. We can give you peace of mind with our Premium Cooling coverage service plan!

With an Oehlert Bros. Premium Cooling service plan, you’ll know that your air conditioning system is running at peak efficiency because you get annual tune-up and maintenance service.

Why get an air conditioning service plan? First, it covers the maintenance your air conditioning system needs to run at its best. We’ll work with you to schedule your Summer Start-up annual tune-up and maintenance so you’ll be ready for the first heat wave. If repairs are needed, they may be covered for both parts and labor.

Taking good care of your air conditioning system with a service plan from Oehlert Bros. helps us spot problems before they become big ones that could be expensive fixes. And when your air conditioning system runs at peak efficiency, you’ll have lower energy bills!


Getting annual maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system will also help you maintain the warranty on the system if it’s still in effect.

When you enroll in our air conditioning service plan, you’ll save $50 the first year. And, if you already have an Oehlert Bros. heating service plan, you’ll get the $50 off for the first year AND a discount on the service plan!

And when it’s time to upgrade from your old air conditioning system, our technicians can install your new one. With a Premium Cooling service plan, you’ll get a 5 percent discount on the installation!

Why will the A/C fail this summer?

  • If you haven’t changed your A/C air filter in a while, it becomes clogged. That restricts air flow, meaning your system won’t be able to keep up. Also, dirt and dust can get on moving parts, which can cause damage. You should be changing your air conditioning filter every one to three months. It’s closer to one month if you have people in your home with allergies or respiratory issues, or pets.
  • Not checking your air conditioning system annually means slow refrigerant leaks won’t be spotted, leading to insufficient cooling or even no cooling.
  • Have you changed the battery in your thermostat lately? A low battery may not control your home’s HVAC system.

A lot of things can go wrong to knock out your A/C system. Help prevent them with a Premium Cooling service plan from Oehlert Bros.!

Trust the professionals at Oehlert Bros. with repairing your home’s air conditioning system. Contact us today to find out more about our air conditioning service plans, enroll in an air conditioning service plan and schedule service!

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