Heating Oil Delivery in Montgomery County

Make Oehlert Bros. your source for dependable heating oil service

Since Christmas Eve in 1948, Oehlert Bros. has built a reputation of being a heating oil delivery service that people in Eastern Pennsylvania can count on for prompt and professional heating oil delivery.

heating oil delivery eastern pa

We’ve not only stayed in business, but have grown and expanded, by sticking to the core values we’ve had since Bob and Paul Oehlert started Oehlert Bros. in an 1865 farmhouse that remained their headquarters for 50 years. Those values are providing reliable heating oil delivery, honest dealing and building relationships with our customers through outstanding personal service.

How do those values from more than 70 years ago translate into what we offer twenty-first-century customers? Here’s how:

  • Oehlert Bros. offers peace of mind with an Automatic Delivery option for getting your heating oil. You’ll no longer have to deal with checking your oil tank gauge levels or contacting Oehlert Bros. to schedule a heating oil delivery. We use technology to monitor your heating oil usage. That allows us to schedule a delivery to your home before your tank runs low.
  • With Oehlert Bros., you get fair and transparent heating oil pricing protections and payment options that work with your budget.
  • We don’t just deliver heating oil. Oehlert Brothers also offers you quality installation and service of top-quality home comfort equipment including HVAC, water heating, fuel storage tanks, indoor air quality and more!
  • Oehlert Bros. has service plans that protect your investment in your home’s HVAC equipment as well as help save you money.

Oehlert Bros.’ B20 Bioheat Plus® heating oil: Cleaner, greener, and just plain better!

Oehlert Bros. is committed to providing our customers with cleaner-burning, more environmentally friendly heating oil.

How have we done it? Biofuel!

Biofuel is made with renewable resources such as plant oils, algae and animal fats. These are blended with traditional heating oil to create a product that is better for the planet, better for your home and better for your wallet.

We began creating our Bioheat Plus® Heating Oil blend on-site in 2007, using refined soybean oil. Over the years, we have delivered more than a million gallons of refined soybean oil, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

What makes Bioheat Plus Heating Oil so good for the environment? It dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil combustion. That is better for the air we breathe, and it also reduces your carbon footprint, which helps fight climate change.

Our Bioheat Plus Heating Oil is also much cleaner-burning than traditional heating oil, so fewer deposits are left on your heating system’s parts. That means less wear and tear on your equipment. Your heating system’s chances of a breakdown are reduced, while its life expectancy is increased!

And this is just the beginning of our efforts. We continue to work on making our heating oil even cleaner, in order to meet our commitment, as part of the heating oil industry, to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Oehlert Bros. is here when you need us

Perhaps you’ve gotten a flyer or seen an ad for some new heating oil discounter. They bait you with a low price, but you have no idea what you’ll really get. Can they guarantee that they’ll have a supply of heating oil when you need an emergency delivery? Probably not. Do they offer equipment service? If they do, it’s through some subcontractor you don’t know. Will they even still be in business in a few months? Maybe, maybe not.

While fly-by-night heating oil “discounters” come and go, Oehlert Bros. remains a heating oil and service provider you can count on to be there for you.

From Knauertown to Norristown, Phoenixville to Pottsgrove, Oehlert Bros. provides reliable, safe and courteous delivery of heating oil. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and become an Oehlert Bros. customer!

Oehlert Brothers Inc. Proudly serving Limerick, Berks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Eagleville, Pottstown, Phoenixville, Norristown, Oaks, Royersford, Schwenksville and Trappe, PA.