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Is A Mini-Split Cooling System Right For Me?

May 10, 2021

Believe it or not, we’ve passed the midpoint of spring – which means heat and humidity will soon descend on eastern PA. If you own a house without central air conditioning, you’ll probably soon be lugging …

3 Reasons For Spring Heating System Care

April 13, 2021

As temperatures rise through April and into May, most people want to forget about their heating systems – they’d rather be planting their garden or planning their beach getaway. But spring is actually one of the best …

The Truth About Bioheat Plus® Vs. Natural Gas

March 16, 2021

Natural gas has gotten some great press in recent years as an efficient and green fuel – especially when compared to heating oil. But is natural gas really a better home heating option for money- …

Whole House Humidifiers: Breathe Healthy Air

February 8, 2021

Winter air here in Pennsylvania is drier than the air we breathe the rest of the year. That decrease in humidity can make a big difference in the quality of air in our home – and …

What To Do On Heating Oil Delivery Day

January 11, 2021

Our heating oil delivery crews are hard at work every day bringing you the fuel you need to keep your family safe and warm –  but on some days, especially during severe winter weather, we can …

10 Home Efficiency Tips For Winter

December 14, 2020

Winter is almost here – and when temperatures drop, your heating bills will rise. The question is how much will they rise? The answer to that question, in part, depends on you! If you want to …

Maintaining Your Heating Oil Tank: 3 Key Tips

November 9, 2020

Heating oil tanks are built to last for decades with minimal maintenance – but minimal doesn’t mean no maintenance. To make sure it remains safe and compliant with Pennsylvania safety and environmental regulations year after …

Four common furnace problems – and what to do about them

Four Common Furnace Problems: What You Can Do

October 26, 2020

Sometimes a long heating season can take a toll on your furnace or heating system, leading to problems that could require expert heating repairs. Here are four issues you may encounter in the months ahead, …

common fall allergens – and how to protect against them

How To Protect Against 5 Common Fall Allergens

September 14, 2020

While most people associate allergies with the spring, fall is also an allergy season – one with different challenges for managing and controlling exposure to allergens. Here are five of the most common fall allergens you’re likely …

Oehlert Bros. 2020 Calendar Photo Contest

August 20, 2020

The Oehlert Bros. Inc. invites photographers to enter its 2020 Calendar Photo Contest. Winners’ photos will be featured in the 2021 Oehlert Bros. Calendar. You must read the following rules and conditions before submitting any photos.