Making sure your tankless water heater is properly installed and maintained will optimize its energy efficiency, especially since water heaters are one of the many appliances we rely on every day. Whether gas or electric, they are generally very dependable and quiet. A tankless water heater can last for a decade or more, and save you money as long as proper annual maintenance is performed.

Proper installation of your tankless water heater depends on many factors, so it is important to have a qualified and licensed plumbing and heating contractor install your tankless water heater. Before selecting a contractor request estimates in writing, obtain references, check the company with your local Better Business Bureau, and make sure they have a proper permit.

Tankless water heaters are now designed to last 20- 30 years. This is done by owning a high quality water heater, and by preforming a little maintenance on it. Without maintaining your tankless water heater investment you might only get half that time.

Water qualities are different all over the country, and even good water has minerals in it that over time will build up on the interior walls of the tanks heating chambers. The industry standard recommendations are once per year turn the tankless water heater off, and flush out with white vinegar and water using a submersible water pump to remove the calcium deposit buildup. You can find submersible water pumps at most home improvement and hardware stores.

The steps to take to perform your annual tankless water heater maintenance are:

Tankless water heaters are instant heaters one doesn’t have to wait for hours to heat water. It’s much better than traditional heaters and now more in demand. They are highly energy efficient and cost effective.

Many people look for much more greener and efficient lifestyles should switch to tankless water heaters as they conserve a whooping amount of energy. In fact, studies show that your average tankless heater has an efficiency rating of up to 99%. It’s a fact that tankless heater runs off of electricity and natural gas means conservation of natural resources and lower rate of associated pollution as well.

If you ever had a full sink full of dishes and you run out of hot water half way through, then you probably may understand one major benefit of tankless water heater as they are capable of providing as much hot water as you need. Tankless water heaters heat water as it’s passed through the system instead of pre-heating water and storing it in tank the patent way old heater does. Because of this they provide limitless flow of heated water.

Tankless heaters are not susceptible to problems such as water corrosion or leakage. In fact, tankless heaters last much longer than the old one, allowing you to cut down on money and hassle of replacement or repair.

The biggest advantage of tankless heaters is that they don’t occupy much space. Tankless heaters are small enough to be placed underneath a sin or in any other convenient location that would provide easy access.

When all these uses are considered its gets easy to say that replacing your traditional heater to tankless heater is the most sensible decision. They are compact, easy to use, highly efficient, and environmentally conscious, perfect for today’s modern homes.