Plan Ahead! Sign Up For SmartPay And Get More Predictable Bills

A high heating bill can be quite a shock around the end-of-year holidays – especially if a good old-fashioned Pennsylvania cold front settles in for a while.

But there’s a way to avoid those unpleasant surprises and make your monthly bills much more predictable: sign up for sign up for Oehlert’s SmartPay Budget Plan.

With SmartPay, we estimate your fuel costs for the year based on your past bills and current fuel prices. We’ll then divide that number over 12 payments starting in July, adjusting periodically during the year if we need to.

SmartPay also includes a price cap*, which means your fuel won’t go above your purchase cost if oil prices rise. But if the price dips below the cap, you’ll pay the lower price – guaranteed!

Get peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what your heating bill will be every month!  

Plan ahead and sign up for SmartPay today!

*Price Cap includes a fee, which heating oil suppliers charge us as insurance for providing this service. For more details, see our SmartPay page or contact us.