Oil Heat Is the Key to a Sustainable Future

Oil heat is the key to a sustainable future

Fracking, or drilling for natural gas can damage the environment while electricity is largely generated from burning coal. That’s why heating oil is the key to a sustainable future.

Technology has reduced heating oil’s carbon footprint by 40% over the last 30 years. Today’s oil burners emit near-zero levels of pollution and today’s heating oil means no odor, soot, or residue. Today’s heating oil will be as clean as or even cleaner than natural gas with ultra-low sulfur fuel and biofuel.

Smart technology and greener heating oil can help you save money – along with the environment. Heating oil companies have appealed to state and federal governments to increase environmental standards when it comes to heating oil.

This has resulted in two great new options for homeowners:

  1. Ultra-low sulfur fuel which reduces emissions, and enables us to achieve system efficiencies that can exceed 95% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).
  2. Biofuel which is become widely available is made from domestically grown organic materials. Biofuel reduces our carbon footprint, along with foreign oil imports.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, new technology will make it possible to combine solar energy with oil heat to create hybrid systems for water heating. This has the potential to reduce water heating costs by 80% and emissions by 6,000 pounds.

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