Oehlert Bros. Wins HVAC Installation Award!

Oehlert Bros. Inc. won a “Design/Build” award from The BIE of Pottstown and Vicinity for excellence in designing and installing a high efficiency commercial boiler system. The Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge was in need of a new heating system to replace their 47-year-old heating oil boiler. Efficiency was a top priority to reduce energy costs. The replacement system was designed to utilize two smaller boilers to replace the inefficient single boiler. The 2 boiler system allows for greater fuel efficiency due to the ability to only fire one boiler during non-peak demand times (fall and spring). During peak loads, both boilers fire to provide the heating needed for the building. High efficiency modulating circulators were also used to reduce electrical costs and increase efficiency with the heating system. The Buderas Boilers also utilize a computerized heat manager to increase the efficiency of the heating system.