How To Maintain Your Central Air System

Learn ways to make sure you stay cool this spring and summer

central air Norristown, PA Spring is here — and with it comes the promise of warmer temperatures as the weeks go by! We’ve already had some unseasonably balmy days recently, so it’s not too early to think about air conditioning.

Homeowners throughout Norristown and eastern Pennsylvania know how hot summers here can get. Losing the ability to get cool when it really matters is just one reason to call on the energy experts at Oehlert Bros. to check out your central air conditioning system and make sure it’s ready to go BEFORE we encounter a sweltering heat wave.

Why central A/C maintenance matters

When appliances run smoothly without issues, we tend to forget about them. If your central A/C system worked well last year, you might be tempted to forego the annual maintenance on it that most manufacturers and HVAC technicians recommend. But skipping this important service can actually cost you more.

By scheduling a maintenance check, you’re giving our experienced technicians the opportunity to catch and correct minor issues with your A/C system before they can turn into bigger problems requiring expensive repairs.

And many manufacturers actually require annual service as part of your equipment warranty. If you miss annual maintenance checks and then have a problem that normally falls under the warranty coverage, it might not be covered after all.

Properly servicing central A/C systems also helps improve the air quality in your home so that you and your family can be healthier.

A/C maintenance and service plans

When you turn to us for help with your central A/C system, you know you’ll be getting highly trained service technicians with extensive experience in air conditioning maintenance and repairs. We’ll make sure your system is running at maximum efficiency so that you can look forward to a great season of comfort inside your home.

Our air conditioning service plan is a great way to cover your annual maintenance needs and enjoy other savings at the same time. The plan includes:

Enrolling in the plan gives you $50 off the first year and can be discounted even more if you already have an Oehlert Bros. heating service plan.

More tips for getting your home ready for hotter weather

Increase your home’s energy efficiency. If your electric bill is always high in the summer, it could be because you’re losing too much of the air you’re trying to cool through gaps or cracks in doorways, windows, ductwork, attic walls and other places. Applying or replacing weatherstripping, sealants and insulation can help retain more cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

Be air filter-savvy. Dirty air filters can restrict proper airflow and cause your A/C system to be less efficient or even shut down. And when dirt and dust get on moving parts, they can actually cause damage resulting in costly repairs. Learn what type of air filter your system uses and be sure to have a few on hand so that you can replace them when needed. You should change your air filter every 1-3 months — or even more frequently if you have pets or if anyone in your home has allergies or respiratory issues.

Keep your outdoor unit clear of debris. Leaves, grass, branches and other debris can obstruct your central A/C’s outdoor equipment and block airflow.

Check your thermostat battery and change it out when needed so that your thermostat can do its job properly.

Is it time to upgrade your central A/C system?

Central air conditioning systems have an average lifespan of 15-20 years — but how long yours will last depends on when it was manufactured and how often you’ve had it serviced for maintenance checks and repairs.

If it’s time to replace your system, you’ll be happy to know that today’s most efficient air conditioners use 30-50% less energy to produce the same amount of cool air as those made decades ago. Even if yours is only 10 years old, you could save 20-40% in energy costs if you replace it with one of these new, high-efficiency models.

Our central A/C installation professionals can assess your current system and household needs, make recommendations for the right size replacement, and install it quickly and safely. We provide a 10-year warranty on all parts plus a 10-year warranty on the compressor. And we offer fair, transparent, fast and affordable financing options. Customers who have our Premium Cooling service plan receive a 5% discount on installation of a new system.

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