Beware of These Late-Season Heater Troubles

Don’t close out winter with your heater needing attention

common hvac problems pennsylvaniaAs winter finally winds down in Pennsylvania, you may be thinking you’re home free on heater maintenance this year. It’s not a great plan to drop it like it’s hot, though – your heater, that is – just because you’ll soon be powering up your air conditioner instead, and here’s why. A little attention paid to any potential end-of-season heater issues can make a big difference for the overall health of your heater and its lifespan. Read on to learn more about why protecting your heater, even as you’re not using it much, matters.

Your heater and you will both be better off if your equipment is in prime shape moving into spring and summer for several reasons.

Don’t set your heater up for failure next fall

Putting off winter heater maintenance – especially if you didn’t have a beginning-of-season maintenance appointment – is only going to exacerbate any issues, big or small. Even minor problems can get worse if your equipment just sits there unattended all spring and summer. It’s much easier – and less costly – to have your heating system assessed and maintained now, when technicians are experiencing their slower season and have more time to spend troubleshooting in-depth if needed.

Heater troubles can bring on air conditioner woes

We realize it’s hard to think about the importance of heating system health right as your air conditioner is about to kick on, but believe it or not, some heater problems can actually affect your air conditioner as well!

After all, your heating and cooling systems likely share a thermostat and ductwork, at a minimum. Air filters, dampers, and electrical wiring can also be overlapping. The takeaway here: if your heater is working up a sweat – or, in the alternative, not working at all – the problem may spell trouble for your central air conditioning system, too. Having your heater evaluated by a professional energy expert now can help you make sure your air conditioner is raring to go when you need it in a few weeks or months.

Join the Oehlert family

No matter what type of issues you’re encountering with your heater, reach out to us so we can look it over – we’d love to hear from you! From strange noises to ballooning fuel costs, we can help. If you use heating oil, perhaps the quality of fuel is the culprit. When you use Oehlert Bros., you get much more than run-of-the-mill heating oil. Since 2007, we’ve been creating our own Bioheat Plus® heating oil blend on-site, using refined soybean oil, which is cleaner for the environment, AND your equipment.

Whatever the issue turns out to be, it’s best to address things head-on, now—plus, you’ll come out on top next fall when it’s time to put your heating system back into full use. Whether your heater needs some simple maintenance, a minor service job or a complex repair, we get the job done right, so become a customer today.