What Is an Indirect Water Heater?

Hot water heater

An indirect hot water maker is one of the most energy-efficient, economical, and smartest ways to heat water available today – yet it’s an option that many people have never even heard about, let alone considered.

So what is an indirect hot water maker?

Basically, an indirect water heating system uses the energy generated by your furnace or boiler to heat the water and air in your home. By having your furnace or boiler do double duty during the winter months, you’re essentially getting your water heated for free, since your heating system will be running anyway.

Considering the fact that water heating can account for anywhere from 20 percent to one third of your energy bills in the winter, that’s a pretty big deal – one that becomes an even better deal when you pair an indirect water heating system with a high efficiency boiler or furnace as the heat source.

Since installing an indirect hot water maker involves both your heating and electrical systems. Hiring a pro is the only way to go if you want to ensure that your system will operate efficiently enough to recoup the cost of investment (it will – often in just a few years, if it’s done right).

The bottom line: If you’re looking for a smart water-heating alternative, an indirect hot water maker could be just what you need.

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