How Safe is Heating Oil?

High-quality heating oil is the safe fuel choice

heating oil safety pennsylvaniaHeating oil is one of the safest fuels to use around your family, and that’s why we’ve been serving Limerick and the surrounding areas with heating oil delivery since 1948. Today, almost 70 years later, we’re still family-owned, still local, and still proudly committed to protecting your home’s comfort and safety. Read on to learn more about why heating oil has such a stellar reputation as a safe fuel choice.

What makes heating oil so safe?

There are many factors that make heating oil one of the safest fuels, but these major takeaways stand out:

Get service that protects your home

Even if you don’t have more modern equipment, Oehlert Bros. can spot any issues with your heating oil system before it becomes a big, expensive problem. When you get a heating service plan with Oehlert Bros., you also get our Tank Inspection Program (OBI-TIP).

Our Tank Inspection Program isn’t just a quick look-see. The trained and experienced service technicians at Oehlert Bros. perform a 25-point visual inspection that follows guidelines from the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) to make sure your family, property and investment are protected.

Bioheat Plus® is safer for the environment

Bioheat Plus heating oil produces fewer carbon emissions, less wear on your system, and more actual heat produced than natural gas, making it more energy-efficient. Take a look at the specifics:

Oehlert Bros. values your safety above all else

Turn to Oehlert Bros. for cleaner-burning Bioheat Plus heating oil for your eastern Pennsylvania home, confident in knowing it has a great safety track record. Become a customer today and request a free tank inspection. Plus, you can keep your heating equipment running at its best when you contact Oehlert Brothers today and sign up for an economical heating oil plan – for that extra peace of mind.