How Much Fuel Does A Semi Truck Hold?

Fleet fueling: What size fuel tank do you need?

semi fueling Norristown, pa How many gallons of fuel can a semi truck hold? It’s an important question, because the answer tells you not only how much fuel you’ll need, but also how far your truck can travel before needing to stop to refuel. Read on to learn more about fleet fueling and tank sizes.

Fuel tank sizes: Standard and custom tank capacities

The bigger your semi truck fuel tank is, the farther the truck will travel. So, how much fuel does a semi truck hold? It depends on the tank size. Fuel tanks come in several sizes, including:

How far can a semi truck travel on a tank of fuel?

How far a semi truck can travel before needing to refuel depends on a few factors, such as:

Commercial fuel bulk delivery for your semi truck

No matter what size fuel tank is right for your semi truck, the fuel experts at Oehlert can help take your business to the next level with bulk delivery of your commercial fuel, when and where you need it. We provide bulk deliveries for:

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