Heating Trouble? Try These Five Things before Calling for Service

Couple cold indoors

We have officially passed the halfway point of winter 2018/19, and your heating equipment is no doubt working hard day and night to keep your family warm and cozy in your Pennsylvania home.

The problem is sometimes your furnace or boiler works a little too hard to do its job – and when pushed beyond its limits, the result is often an unexpected heating equipment repair.

If your heating system takes an unexpected winter vacation this year, don’t worry: Oehlert Bros. has you covered with 24/7 emergency heating service. But before you pick up that phone for one of our expert technicians, it pays to take some time to troubleshoot your equipment: you may find that your problem can be fixed without wasting time and money on a house call.

If you have no heat, try these five things before contacting us for service:

  1. Check the fuel level in your tank – if you are out of heating oil, contact us right away for a delivery and system restart.
  2. Make sure all switches associated with the unit are set for “on” or “start.”
  3. Check for tripped breakers and blown fuses on the circuit that powers your heating system.
  4. Make sure your thermostat is set for five degrees warmer than the current room temperature, and that it is set to the “heat” or “warm” setting. Please note: if you have a forced air system (a heating systems with vents rather than baseboards and radiators) and the fan doesn’t go on, if could mean that your burner isn’t igniting – a problem that requires professional service.
  5. If you have a heating oil-fired system, press the reset button on the burner – but only do it once. Every time you hit the reset button and the burner doesn’t ignite, you are pumping oil into the combustion chamber of your furnace, which can be dangerous.

If your heating system still isn’t working after trying all of the above, contact us for service; our technicians will figure out the problem quickly so you can get back to living in your warm PA home right away.

For expert heating system service in our central Pennsylvania service area, trust the pros at Oehlert Bros. Contact us today to learn more, or to become an Oehlert Bros. customer.