Heating Oil Delivery in Limerick, PA

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For more than 70 years, Oehlert Bros. has been the leader for providing dependable heating oil delivery to Limerick and surrounding communities in eastern Pennsylvania.

NOTE: If you have a no-heat emergency or a heating oil runout, please do not contact us online. Call us at 610-881-6327 any time of day or night for emergency delivery and service.

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Limerick: A wonderful place to live

heating oil delivery in limerick pa

Limerick got its name from the hometown of early settler William Evans, who came to the area in 1698 from Ireland.

Limerick is one of the eastern Pennsylvania towns that can state that George Washington slept there. In 1777, he stayed at the William and Mordecai Evans House, a log and stuccoed stone house, making it his headquarters after the Battle of Brandywine and before the long winter at Valley Forge.

Oehlert Bros. delivers cleaner-burning B20 Bioheat Plus® heating oil

Our B20 Bioheat Plus® heating oil is a game-changer. First, it is much cleaner burning thanks to the blend of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and 20% biodiesels derived from natural resources such as plant oils, algae and recycled restaurant cooking oils. B20 Bioheat Plus® heating oil dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, making it better for the environment and shrinking your carbon footprint. It is also much easier on your home’s heating system, so your risk of breakdowns is reduced while your heating system’s life expectancy is extended.

Limerick is a big fan of Oehlert Bros.

“I have been in my home for 20 years and with three different heating oil companies. Oehlert Bros. is by far is the best when it comes to how they run their business. The service is second to none. Great technicians and they have reasonable service plans and do not try to upsell any repairs or even a new unit. The dispatch for oil deliveries is quick and transparent with times of the delivery. I have an outdoor tank that never froze up in the winter in the past few years that I have been with Oehlert. Can’t say that about the previous companies I had. Seems to me Oehlert is going the extra mile with the oil treatment in the winter versus the other ‘big’ companies I used in the past.”
— Gary R.

“Oehlert Bros. provide speedy delivery. Recently, after they knew that my tank was really low, they came to the rescue on a Sunday afternoon.”
— Jingli C.

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