Heating Oil FAQ

All about modern heating oil

heating oil info pennsylvania Modern heating oil has changed a lot in recent years. In fact, this convenient, eco-friendly fuel has evolved so much, we know you may be full of questions. No worries – we’ve got you covered with answers to all your “burning” inquiries about heating oil! Where does it come from, and what’s it made from, anyways? How does it affect the environment, and what does this all mean for you, as a heating oil customer? Read on for further insight into some of our heating oil FAQs:

Get the facts about modern heating oil

When you use Oehlert Bros., you get much more than run-of-the-mill heating oil. Since 2007, we’ve been creating our own Bioheat Plus® heating oil blend on-site, using refined soybean oil. Bioheat Plus heating oil is a clean, green alternative to conventional No. 2 heating oil. Some of the most common questions we hear about modern heating oil, like Bioheat Plus, include:

  1. What is heating oil made from? Bioheat Plus heating oil is made with a blend of ultra-low-sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, which is a renewable, domestically produced energy resource. It is often made from the fatty acids found in soy, corn and other vegetable oils, but food is never wasted to produce it.
  2. Is Bioheat eco-friendly? To call a fuel Bioheat Plus heating oil, it has to be a B5 to B20 blend (meaning between 5% and 20% biodiesel), and ours is a B20 blend. With this level of biodiesel, our fuel burns more cleanly than natural gas. It also produces far fewer emissions. Over a 20-year period, the methane emissions produced by natural gas are nearly 82 times more destructive to the environment than carbon dioxide in that same time frame.
  3. What can Bioheat do for me? Since Bioheat Plus heating oil burns more cleanly than natural gas, it leaves fewer deposits on heat registers and subjects your equipment to far less wear and tear overall. For you, the customer, this means that you’ll see fewer breakdowns and you’ll need fewer repairs. And your system will last longer!
  4. Is Bioheat affordable? Bioheat is a renewable fuel, which means, in essence, “there’s more where that came from.” It’s also made domestically, making it less vulnerable to market factors like global strife. Plus, Bioheat’s energy-efficiency benefits heating oil customers by helping reduce energy costs.
  5. What about system compatibility? You can relax! There’s no need to call in that equipment overhaul conversion team! Using Bioheat Plus heating oil requires NO modifications to or conversions of your current heating equipment.
  6. How can you prevent running out of heating oil? Oehlert Bros. also provides peace of mind with an Automatic Delivery option for getting your heating oil. You’ll no longer have to deal with checking your oil tank gauge levels or contacting Oehlert Bros. to schedule a heating oil delivery. We use technology to monitor your heating oil usage. That allows us to schedule a delivery to your home before your tank runs low.

Make Oehlert Bros. your dependable heating oil service

Since Christmas Eve in 1948, Oehlert Bros. has built a reputation of being a heating oil delivery service that people in Eastern Pennsylvania can count on for prompt and professional heating oil delivery. Turn to Oehlert Bros. for cleaner-burning Bioheat Plus heating oil for your eastern Pennsylvania home. Join the Oehlert Brothers Family today!