Get Your Home Back in Cooling FAST!

5 Tips to Fix or Troubleshoot Your AC Problem FAST!

When the heat is rising in your home and you have discovered your Air Conditioning system is not working, check these items first before calling for a repair.

  1. Check your electrical breakers. If a breaker has tripped, reset it and see if your A/C runs.  If it trips again, you likely have a failing air conditioner that needs some diagnosis.
  2. Check your air filters. During the cooling season, the filters should be changed once per month.  If you haven’t changed them since last season or ever, air flow can be severely restricted.  Clean filters will also save you money by allowing your system to work more efficiently.
  3. Check for frost and ice on the inside and outside refrigerant lines. If there is significant buildup on the indoor unit, your evaporator coil could be a block of ice. This happens when there is a low refrigerant charge or restricted air flow. The first thing to do is turn off your system to allow the ice to melt. This will make a repair call shorter so the system can be tested.
  4. Check both inside and outside units to determine whether one or both units are running. This will help answer some questions when you call for a repair.
  5. Check your PECO SmartSaver device. Some of you have a device attached to your outside unit which allows PECO to shut down your unit temporarily during peak electric demand. Before you call for a repair, be sure to check the PECO device and see if the RED light is on. If so, your A/C unit has been shut down for a short period.

Protect your system with an  A/C Service Plan for smooth sailing though the summer. A pre-season tune-up as well as repair, parts & labor are included.  Your A/C system will run more efficiently and the chance of a breakdown will be reduced.

Steve Oehlert, President
Oehlert Bros. Inc. Home Heating & Cooling