Why Changes in Fuel Use Matter to Us

Top factors that cause variation in your fuel usage

heating oil changes pennsylvaniaAuto delivery is such a benefit for fuel customers, since it prevents ever having an unexpected fuel runout, and can allow homeowners to see the patterns in their usage and how that impacts their fuel efficiency and costs. But did you know that it’s important to keep your Pennsylvania fuel provider in the loop at all times, if your energy usage changes for some reason, or is expected to change? Read on to learn more about what factors influence fuel usage and why making sure you and your fuel provider are on the same page about your fuel usage can make a big difference.

Many factors impact your fuel usage. Some of the most common reasons homes may begin using more or less fuel than usual include:

A change in the number of household members

How many people are included in your household? It makes a difference when it comes to how much energy is required for your home to produce enough hot water, heat, and power. It may not seem like one additional person – or one less person – would make that much of a difference in energy usage, but this is common misconception. One person’s loads of laundry put extra strain on the washer and dryer usage. One person’s regular bathing or showering requires a noticeable difference in the amount of hot water needed. Notifying your fuel provider if the number of people living in your home changes may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it needs to be, especially if the change comes at an emotionally fraught time, such as:

Getting the most for your money by keeping in touch with your fuel provider can relieve some stress during challenging times. If circumstances change again, you can always update your fuel provider.

The amount of time your family is spending at home changes

The more time you spend at home, the more energy you will use, and vice versa. With many folks working from home these days, there may be a significant increase in daytime energy usage. The same is true for retirement, unemployment, or underemployment.

On the other hand, if you are spending more time away from home, that can affect your energy usage as well. Some of the most common reason for decreased energy usage include:

Whatever your fuel usage needs, Oehlert can help keep costs down

Keep us in the loop if your heating patterns have changed. Oehlert serves a wide variety of Pennsylvania families and businesses, and we understand that energy needs evolve for many reasons. Whatever your circumstances include, we’ll be there for you to work out a delivery schedule that meets your needs so that you never have to worry about a runout – and the need for emergency services – but also won’t be saddled with excess fuel and the costs that accompany that dilemma.

Home heating programs like SmartPay from Oehlert Brothers can also protect you from unwanted surprises on your monthly bill – and from rising and falling oil prices. Join the Oehlert Brothers family, so we can look out for you!