Don’t Let Your House Freeze!

Severe Cold Weather Alert! See the below tips to protect your home and family during cold snaps.

If you have an emergency NO-HEAT situation, call our main number and follow the prompt. Our Service Repair Technicians and Delivery Drivers are on-call to take care of your emergency NO-HEAT needs.

Consider not turning down the temperature at night or during the day. If your heater fails, you will have some extra heat in the home which will buy you some time in comfort. This is especially important if there is a storm and the threat of a power outage.

If you have a vacant property, it must be checked DAILY. If the heater fails, pipes can freeze in just a day or two causing thousands of dollars in damage.

If you have water lines that are susceptible to freezing, open the faucet so it drips. This will keep water moving and slow down the freezing process. If there are sinks on outside walls, open the cabinets below the sink to keep the pipes warmer.

Have a heating service plan so your emergency repair is covered and you are not paying the highest rates for emergency off-hours repair service.

Pipes can easily freeze with severe cold temperatures.