Fuel Oil Vs. Heating Oil: What’s The Difference?

All about Heating Oil in Pennsylvania

heating oil montgomery county, pa The terms “fuel oil” and “heating oil” are often used interchangeably, which can be a bit confusing for customers. In general, both fuel oil and heating oil refer to a type of petroleum-based fuel that is used for heating purposes. However, there can be some differences in terminology and usage. Read on to learn more and see a breakdown of the key points about fuel and heating oil in Eastern Pennsylvania.

What is Fuel Oil?

What is Heating Oil?

The common understanding is that when people refer to heating oil in Pennsylvania, they are typically talking about No. 2 heating oil.

Using Oil Heat Pennsylvania: A Summary

It’s important to note that while terminology can vary, and individuals may use “fuel oil” and “heating oil” interchangeably in everyday conversation, when obtaining heating oil for residential purposes in Pennsylvania, you are likely referring to No. 2 heating oil. This type of heating oil is a widely accepted fuel for home heating systems in the state.

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