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Oehlert Bros. Inc. has been delivering superior BioHeat to our customers for over 7 years!  BioHeat using ultra low sulfur heating oil will burn cleaner than natural gas.  Ultra low sulfur heating oil will be mandated in PA in July of 2016.  With Low Heating Oil Prices this is a real win for consumers!

“It is a really exciting time for oil heating customers,” said John Huber, president of NORA. “Prices are low and the oilheating industry is transitioning to a superior fuel product. By adding biodiesel, a renewable, carbon-neutral fuel to low-sulfur heating oil, heating oil retailers are actually delivering a better product at a significantly lower price. What could be better?”

Two prime movers forcing the drop in prices, according to NORA, are increased production and full inventory stocks. “With the U.S. now the world’s leading petroleum producer, production in 2014 showed a 34.6 percent increase over 2012 and the first seven month of 2015 show an increase of 11.5 percent over 2014,” the organization stated. “The combination of increased shipments from the Gulf Coast, higher refinery runs and imports have boosted East Coast distillate inventories to 5.4 million barrels above the five-year average for the week ending Sept. 11, the highest since 2011. On Sept. 18, the distillate inventory was at 59 million barrels.”

NORA stated that for the 8 million U.S. households that use heating oil, proper maintenance and tune-ups of their heating system can save from 5 to 10 percent in heating oil costs, while upgrading an older heating system to a new high-efficiency system may save 30 percent or more. Personally, when I reinsulated my house and installed new windows, I saved a ton in heating costs.

Most heaters that fail haven’t been seen annually by a qualified HVAC company. It is important to have your heater looked at once per year from an efficiency and safety perspective. All heaters have fail safes to keep them from causing catastrophic failure. Your heater has flame sensors, pressure switches, and other items to keep them running safely. Most service repairs for heaters are needed when they are first turned on at the beginning of the heating season. And of course many homeowners do this the same chilly night. Before that chilly night comes, test your heating system by turning it on and letting it run for thirty minutes. If it doesn’t work, you will have more flexibility scheduling the repair and won’t be left out in the cold! Oehlert Bros. provides heating service plans that provide the annual inspection/tune-up and cover repairs (parts & labor).

The National Oilheat Research Alliance recommends that storage tanks be replaced after 30 years of service no matter how good they look on the outside. Tanks corrode from the inside as well by “pitting” in the steel. Starting in September 2009, Oehlert Bros. started replacing tanks exclusively with Granby GreenShield tanks which are constructed with a double bottom and include a leak detection system! These tanks have a superior finish and boast warranties of up to 25 years! If your heating oil tank has been in service for more than 30 years, it is a must to replace it before it leaks and causes an expensive cleanup.

Oehlert Bros. Inc. won a “Design/Build” award from The BIE of Pottstown and Vicinity for excellence in designing and installing a high efficiency commercial boiler system. The Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge was in need of a new heating system to replace their 47-year-old heating oil boiler. Efficiency was a top priority to reduce energy costs. The replacement system was designed to utilize two smaller boilers to replace the inefficient single boiler. The 2 boiler system allows for greater fuel efficiency due to the ability to only fire one boiler during non-peak demand times (fall and spring). During peak loads, both boilers fire to provide the heating needed for the building. High efficiency modulating circulators were also used to reduce electrical costs and increase efficiency with the heating system. The Buderas Boilers also utilize a computerized heat manager to increase the efficiency of the heating system.

Double protection prepay program is a smart protection program that is meant to keep the check of heating oil and make sure it is always ready to give out high performance. The efficiency of heating oil is necessary as this would help you to manage your routine home operations and all the more give you peace of mind. The Double protection prepay program protects you in two ways. You can prepay for your heating oil needs and as the result you get extremely low prices for heating oil. The benefit of prepaying is that you don’t have to pay extra when the prices of heating oil surge up, and when they surge down you will pay the lowest price. It is a win-win situation for you and you are always at the advantage.

Double protection prepay program is a double bonanza given by the company to the homeowners who are otherwise seriously concerned about paying for more as the price of heating oil increase. The whole idea behind double protection prepay program is to save hard earned money, and besides provide high efficiency heating oil for your requirements. Just guess, if the heating oil in your home is not working efficiently, you might have problems with the energy saving devices that use heating oil With the help of double protection prepay program, the heating oil is always under the check and that too without spending some real hard earned money. Under the smart and exclusive prepay program you get double saving and you are always on the win-win side. In many of the other heating oil prepay programs; you have to pay when the prices of the oil increase, and when they go down, the price of heating oil remain stable on the upside.

If you are still confused about the smart double protection prepay program, then you ought to know very well that double protection prepay program is exclusively designed for the homeowners who otherwise like to move ahead taking care of their routine budgets. It is quite obvious to find here the Double protection prepay program is a budget program where you have all the reasons to go for the good budget and high performance and efficiency budget programs, and you don’t have to worry out it. Double protection prepay program is a yearly program, and you have to make sure that you consistently follow this program. If you don’t then it is very natural that the heating oil out there in your home will not be efficient enough to generate high performance energy for routine use.

So are you ready to go for Double protection prepay program and keep your home energy efficient and safe?