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Stop Winter Static! (and dry skin and nose bleeds and…)

Now that we have a week of cold weather under our belts, many homeowner’s are feeling the effects of dry, parched air coming from their warm air furnace. It is common for your home’s humidity level to plummet to unhealthy levels, as low as 10 to 12 percent, when your heater is working hard. When the static electricity is zapping everyone you probably also have the following problems: dry skin, sinus discomfort, nose bleeds in children, wood floors that pull apart, cracking wood fixtures etc. A normal, healthy level of humidity in your home is around 30 to 35 percent. Oehlert Bros. Inc. installs whole house humidifier systems that install on your warm air furnace in just a half day and keep your home’s humidity at normal levels. Aprilaire Whole House Humidifiers are normally $578 installed. Call or email us for a free estimate for your home!

Keeping your home’s humidity levels consistent can significantly improve the health and comfort of your home. In general, when it comes to feeling comfortable in your home nothing affects a body’s perception of comfort more than the humidity level.

Industry experts report that keeping your home’s humidity between 30-60% can reduce the effects of many unwanted conditions. Too much humidity or too little humidity can not only lead to an unhealthy home, but also cause permanent damage to your home and belongings.

When There is Too Little Humidity the Following Occurs:

When There is Too Much Humidity…

What You Can Do: