How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

Installing a high-efficiency boiler

hvac installation montgomery county, pa It can take up to a couple days to install a boiler properly, but the payoff is worth it. Why? Because once your high-efficiency boiler installation is complete, you can start saving on energy costs right away, and those savings add up quickly. Read on to learn more about the process of having your high-efficiency boiler installed, and what that can mean for your family’s budget.

So, how long is this going to take?

It’s true that a boiler isn’t the snappiest piece of equipment to install – but, like most important tasks, it’s not a job you want rushed. A typical boiler generally takes between one to three days to install from start to finish.

The boiler installation process depends on several factors

The process of installing your new or upgraded high-efficiency boiler varies, based on several factors, such as:

A quality boiler means feeling cozy, while saving money on heating costs

Regardless of how long it takes to install your new energy-efficient boiler, you’ll be happy when it’s up and running. Not only will your new boiler keep the warm comfort of steam heat coming all winter long—it could also help reduce your energy bills by as much as 20 percent!

Oehlert Brothers will help you find the right boiler for your home size and budget, with options available from trusted boiler brands, including:

Buderus, an industry leader producing energy-efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally sound oil- and gas-fired boilers. Buderus boilers feature:

EFM, one of the oldest names in heating and manufactured locally in PA. Energy Star-rated EFM boilers – known for reliability and quality – include such features as:

You can trust Oehlert Bros. for dependable boiler installation

As with all our equipment installations, our experts will get your boiler up and running quickly with no hassles or mess. We can also help protect your boiler investment with service plans that cover most repairs and include an annual tune-up – one of the best ways to avoid costly and unexpected repairs. Plus, we even offer financing options!

Since 1948, Oehlert Bros. has built a reputation of being a heating service that people in Eastern Pennsylvania can count on. For prompt and professional equipment installation, heating oil delivery and more, join the Oehlert Brothers Family by contacting us today!