Avoid the Heating Bill Rollercoaster in 2018-19: Sign up for Oehlert SmartPay Today

Calculating expenses

We had some brutal stretches of cold last winter here in Pennsylvania – particularly in January, when record-setting temps gripped the region (we know, you’ve probably blocked out your memory of that time – but trust us, it happened).

Our seesaw winter made for some unpredictable heating bills – and some unpleasant surprises – for our pay-as-you-go Will Call customers. If you’re one of them and want to avoid that heating bill rollercoaster next heating season, now is the time to make the smart move and sign up for Oehlert’s SmartPay Budget Plan.

With SmartPay, we will estimate your fuel costs for the year based on your past bills and current fuel prices. We’ll then divide that number over 12 equal monthly payments, with a one-time adjustment statement sent at your one-year Plan anniversary.

That means that with SmartPay you’ll pay the same amount for your heating oil every month, no matter how much you use. No more heating bill sticker shock!

SmartPay also includes a price cap*, which means your fuel won’t go above your purchase cost if oil prices rise. But if the price dips below the cap, you’ll pay the lower price – guaranteed!

Get peace of mind of knowing EXACTLY what your heating bill will be every month! Plan ahead and sign up for SmartPay today!

* Price Cap includes a fee, which heating oil suppliers charge us as insurance for providing this service. For more details, see our SmartPay page or contact us.