Air Conditioning That Doesn’t Require Ductwork!

Mini Splits AC: Are they right for you?

mini split ac Montgomery county, pa Did you know that modern AC technology means that you can upgrade the cooling units in your home without having to worry about ductwork? That’s right – with mini splits, you don’t have to upgrade, reroute, or change your existing ductwork. In fact, you won’t need ductwork at all.

One of the things we love about eastern Pennsylvania is the beautiful and unique older homes. Whether they’re the classic stone houses we’re known for, or wood-framed Colonial, Victorian or Craftsman-style homes, their unique charm can present some challenges to a twenty-first-century homeowner who wants to keep their home cool and comfortable.

Read on to get the details on how ductless mini-splits stack up against traditional AC, and how they can make your life in Berks, Montgomery and Chester counties easier – and more comfortable!

What are ductless mini-splits and how do they work?

Mini-splits are a perfect option for homes of all ages and sizes to enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning, no matter what kind of heating system they have.

Mini-splits work like a regular air conditioner, but no ductwork is needed. They’re installed through the wall but unlike older wall units, they’re unobtrusive. The side that’s indoors blows the warm air inside the home over cold evaporator coils, then sends that cooled air out into the room. The heat taken from indoors is dumped out of your home through the outside part.

Advantages of ductless mini-splits

Heat pump technology can be coupled with a mini split HVAC system that doesn’t use ductwork. Ductless mini-split systems can be a great choice for your home. The main benefits of mini-splits are:

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