Air Conditioner Struggling to Keep Up? You Might Have a Refrigerant Problem

Central A/C

Most of us think of Freon (or R22, its generic name) as the stuff that makes the air coming from our air conditioner cool – and that’s mostly right.

Technically, Freon (which won’t be around much longer…another good reason to upgrade your older cooling system sooner than later) is a type of refrigerant – and its job is to transfer heat away from your Pennsylvania home, which cools your indoor air.

Tomato, tomahto, you say – and you’re right.

The important thing to remember about refrigerant, though, is that it’s a fluid that can run low. When it does, you usually get one or both of these telltale low refrigerant signs:

  1. You feel warm air blowing in from your vents when the AC is running
  2. You notice frost or ice forming on your outside central air conditioner

If you notice one of these two problems, it’s important to get your cooling system checked out by an HVAC professional right away, because they usually indicate a refrigerant leak – a problem that typically results from wear and tear or weather damage and can the first domino in a series of larger A/C problems.

When you schedule an annual air conditioning tune-up and inspection, an expert technician will check for leaks and monitor refrigerant levels to be sure your system is performing at its best – which is another reason to make sure you have routine A/C maintenance every year.

Should I replace or repair my A/C?

As we mentioned, Freon – the refrigerant used in most AC systems – is being phased out and replaced with refrigerant that is less harmful to the ozone layer. Because of this, the price of Freon is rising, which will make recharging your system more expensive until the phase-out is complete – something to keep in mind when weighing the benefits of servicing vs. replacing your A/C system.

If you find that your system is not cooling your home the way it once was – or if you notice that your system needs to be “recharged” (refilled with refrigerant) annually – it may be time to consider a new, high efficiency central air conditioning system.

With great air conditioning Specials that can save you hundreds on a new cooling equipment, it might be worth the investment – especially if your system is 10 years old or more.

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