Air Conditioning Tune-ups Reduce Electric Bills!

Your HVAC system along with your water heater makes up 60% of your home’s energy costs! It is important to make sure your AC system is properly charged with freon, otherwise your system could work twice as hard to cool your home and will lead to an early exit for your compressor. Most repairs on heating and cooling systems are performed on units that have not had an annual tune-up.

An annual spring start-up by a certified technician is a great way to make sure your system is working properly and won’t let you down on the hottest days. Units that are properly charged with freon cool better and save you money along with keeping you cool and comfortable.

Ask your Oehlert Bros. Technician about UV Lights that keep fungus and mold from growing in your AC system!

Steve Oehlert is the owner and President of
Oehlert Bros. Inc., Limerick, Pa