2018 Weather: Be Ready for Anything

Winter ready clothes

We’ve had a quite a seesaw year weather-wise in Pennsylvania so far this year, where we have now experienced a 30-degree temperature shift within a 24-hour period four times since the holidays.

Talk about up and down!

As we adjust to what may be the “new normal” here in PA, it becomes more important than ever to be prepared for anything – and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure you get annual maintenance for your home heating system every year.

Routine maintenance: Take stress off your equipment – and off your mind

You may think you can skip annual maintenance for your heating oil- or gas-fired heating system some years – especially if your heating equipment appears to be running without incident.

But beware: the workload posed by a winter like we’re having could be taking a quiet toll behind the scenes – until the rigors of the next extreme cold snap push your heating system beyond its limits.

When you get routine maintenance, an experienced technician can catch issues before they become full-blown problems, saving you the costs and dangers of a potential unexpected no-heat emergency. His handiwork will also help your equipment to run more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

Four out of five no-heat repairs are preventable with routine care – invest in yours today. Contact us to schedule your annual maintenance visit!