10 ways to save energy and money this summer

Summer has officially arrived here in Southeastern PA – and with it will come summer air conditioning bills. Here are 10 tips to stay cool and save money this summer:

  1. Turn down the AC at night – Program your thermostat to keep temps slightly warmer when the family is asleep. Just a few degrees will make a noticeable difference in your bills.
  2. Cool only rooms you’re using – If you have a ductless mini-split system, use air handlers only in occupied rooms; if you have a central air system, close vents in unused rooms – or install a zone cooling solution (contact us to learn more).
  3. Maintain your AC – Did you know the efficiency of your air conditioner could drop five percent or more in a single season if it’s not properly maintained? Resist the temptation to skip – get an A/C tune-up every year.
  4. Check ductwork – You can lose 15 percent or more of the air you paid to cool before it ever reaches the vents! Improperly installed or poorly maintained ducts can rob you of significant efficiency – if you’ve had your system for a while, duct sealing could be a great investment for you.
  5. Clear obstructions – Don’t cool your chair – cool the air! Rearrange your furniture to make sure it doesn’t block your vents.
  6. Cool in moderation – Keeping your air conditioner at 78 degrees when people are home is a good starting point to balance performance and comfort, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Remember: it’s the contrast between the temperature of the outdoor and indoor air that makes you feel cool, not the number on your thermostat.
  7. Install window reflectors – Don’t compete with solar heat – minimize the greenhouse effect with light-reflecting window treatments that reduce the cooling load on your cooling system.
  8. Raise the temperature when no one is home – This is another way a programmable thermostat pays for itself. Just keep your shades pulled down and the doors closed so your AC doesn’t have overwork when you come home.
  9. Use ceiling fans – Circulating air feels cooler (think of a summer breeze), so you can run your AC a little warmer with no change in comfort. That can save you hundreds of dollars in a cooling season.
  10. Upgrade – If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, replacing it with a new, high efficiency unit could cut your monthly bills by 40 percent – enough to offset the price of the new unit in just a few years. In the meantime you’ll get more comfort and greater peace of mind knowing that your equipment is under warranty. 

Stay cool for less this summer: save $200 on an air conditioner installation from Oehlert Bros.! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate.