Low Heating Oil Prices

Oehlert Bros. Inc. has been delivering superior BioHeat to our customers for over 7 years!  BioHeat using ultra low sulfur heating oil will burn cleaner than natural gas.  Ultra low sulfur heating oil will be mandated in PA in July of 2016.  With Low Heating Oil Prices this is a real win for consumers!

“It is a really exciting time for oil heating customers,” said John Huber, president of NORA. “Prices are low and the oilheating industry is transitioning to a superior fuel product. […]

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Don’t Let Your Thermostat Die!

Did you know that most new digital thermostats require batteries?  If your thermostat’s batteries die, your heater will not run!  Take a look at your thermostat screen and if it is blinking or has gone blank, your thermostat likely requires new batteries.  Install fresh batteries and save a repair call!   Older thermostats used power from the heating appliance and did not have batteries, so be battery aware and keep your home in comfort all winter long.

honeywellthermoT8400 […]

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Will Your Heater Fail?

furnace diagramMost heaters that fail haven’t been seen annually by a qualified HVAC company.  It is important to have your heater looked at once per year from an efficiency and safety perspective.  All heaters have fail safes to keep them from causing catastrophic failure. Your heater has flame sensors, pressure switches, and other items to keep them running safely.   Most service repairs for heaters are needed when they are first turned on at the beginning of the heating season.  And of course many homeowners do this the same chilly night.  […]

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When is it Time to Replace the Boiler?

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Even with regular heating system maintenance, you may eventually need a boiler repair service or even a boiler replacement in order to maintain indoor comfort in your home. There are certain signs to look out for that indicate it’s time to consider replacing you heating and cooling equipment, or improving the performance of your overall system. If the following indicators are present it may be time to call a professional contractor to help you with your appliance. […]

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Getting Your Home Ready for the Winter


pie_graph energy use

Your HVAC system and hot water heating accounts for 60% of your home’s energy usage!

During the cold winter months, to keep warm homeowners turn on their home heaters. You can save energy when heating your home by taking the time to winterize for maximum energy savings. Due to the increasing energy costs, winter heating will consume an increasingly larger portion of a household’s energy budget.

Keep the following tips in mind as you begin to winterize your home. […]

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